Interested in hosting an event with a Roadside Geology of Georgia author?

We wrote Roadside Geology of Georgia to help spread Earth science understanding in Georgia, and it has been a joy traveling around the state to walk and talk with those who share our interests. As Georgia emerges from the pandemic, we ask hosting organizations to pass along our request that all adult participants be fully vaccinated. If your organization would like one of us to provide a program, the following information will be helpful.  You can reach Dr. Witherspoon at bill@georgiarocks.us and Dr. Gore at pgore@gsu.edu.

Book walks and talks

We are pleased to accept invitations for talk/walk events. We have done many of these without charging a fee. We are most likely to do this when:

á      The host publicizes the event well, mentioning Roadside Geology of Georgia, and invites the public.

á      The host does not charge the public beyond regular museum or park admission.

á      There is an opportunity for book sales following the event.

á      If the host has a gift shop that sells nature books, the book is available there.

á      Some overnight accommodation is offered for events more than 100 miles from Decatur.

Workshops, School Visits

Dr. Witherspoon, who retired in September 2014 after 17 years teaching K-12 students, their students, and the public at DeKalb County SchoolsÕ Fernbank Science Center, is able to accept occasional invitations to offer workshops and school visits. Pricing, good through May 2022, is $250 per half-day or $400 per full day, plus mileage from Decatur.