The book:
Roadside Geology of Georgia


Roadside Geology of Georgia by Pamela Gore and Bill Witherspoon is out and can be obtained from Mountain Press by your favorite bookseller. We hope you will find it well worth the wait: a full-color, 360-page volume for the public and geologists on Georgia's wonders, from the coast to the mountains: landscapes, rocks, minerals, fossils, and the human stories geology has shaped. Click here if you prefer to order online and here to be added to our e-mail list to receive notification of a book event in your area. For currently scheduled events by the authors click here, or visit the Facebook page.

Resources for teachers:
3rd grade through
high school

Collectors: how to know what's around you


Events: Register for Geology Walks and Talks in Georgia

Kids Rock! games for learning your local rocks

Maps: discover Georgia's geology in Google Maps and Google Earth

Photo gallery: Georgia and California highlights